Pinball Revenge from Mars

Pinball Revenge from Mars

The first game ever to combine the best of pinball's past with the technology of the future. By merging fast and furious playfield action with eye-popping computer graphics, Revenge from Mars is the next evolution of pinball.

What players have always loved about pinball is still the foundation for Pinball 2000: the physical sensation of launching that silver ball and controlling its flight through the use of the flippers.

The innovation of virtual video targets makes for a deeper, more realistic story line. In Revenge From Mars, you must battle your way through more than twelve distinctive waves, such as Paris in Peril, Mars Kneads Women, and Martian Happy Hour, to stop the Martian invasion. Complete any three waves to start a special bonus wave. Score 40 shots in the three bonus waves to reach the "Mothership Multiball". Light all the saucer lights and you'll attack Mars in the battle to make the Milky Way safe for all mankind.

Forget everything you knew about pinball. This is something entirely different. Entirely better. It's Revenge From Mars, the first-ever game to utilize the technology of Pinball 2000.


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