Pinball Theatre of Magic

Pinball Theatre of Magic

Theatre of Magic is a pinball machine produced by Midway (under the Bally brand name). When you launch the ball, there is a hat on the screen that has various goodies coming out of it. Launch when it is on the one that tickles your particualr fancy.

There are only three choices per launch, and I believe the 2x combos appears only if Illusion is already lit. Once the choice is made, you activate it by hitting the trunk. You may get two tries at it of you're fast. Also, you only get one Skill Shot per ball. After a ball is locked or vanished, hit the Captured Ball to Advance Clock.

Theatre of Magic Rulesheet, by GeekBoyModes are started by hitting the trunk three times, then hitting the vault trap, or by a skill shot. A trunk shot during a mode gives you 2y points, with y starting at 2M. 

Main mission is to get to the "Grand Finale" by finishing:

  • Theatre: The easiest sub-mission, simply complete "T-H-E-A-T-R-E" (which also lights Theatre Hurry Up) by shooting the left loop.
  • Multiball: Collect Theatre Multiball (to light the locks in the inner loop, shoot the ramps to complete "M-A-G-I-C").
  • Midnight: Advance the clock to Midnight (shoot right loop).
  • Illusions: The hardest of the four goals. Shoot the trunk to light one of the following missions. Start them all to finish this sub-mission.
    • Tiger Saw — Hit the Captive Ball for various animations of a tiger using the saw on different items.
    • Levitating Woman — Shoot the Center Ramp for to score (11 million, increasing by one million each time).
    • Trunk Escape — Shoot the Magic Trunk for four times to break the chains of a locked trunk.
    • Spirit Cards — Shoot the Inner Loops/Spinner to award increasing points (500.000 per spin, increases by 250.000 each time the loop is shot).
    • Safe Escape — Shoot the Inner Loops to unlock the safe.
    • Metamorphosis — Shoot the Right Ramp to transform the assistant to various animals (12 million, increasing by four million each time).
    • Strait Jacket — Escape the strait jacket as spikes are closing in. Hit the jet bumpers to push the hand closer to the freeing buckle (6 million per bumper, 60 million to finish it).
    • Hat Magic — Shoot the trunk for different things being pulled out of the hat.
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