There's something about this machine. As soon as I pull the trigger of the magnum .44 shaped ball shooter a strange sensation comes over me and with my jaw set forward in a Clint Eastwood kind of way I wait for the ball to first hit my flipper. The hard rockin' (Vince Pontarelli) metal guitar licks start screaming as the bad guys announce themselves with quotes like "I've been locked up for ten years, I'm dying for some payback!". My first mode, The barroom brawl, starts and before I know it I'm redecorating some downtown San Fransico bar with my bare hands.

Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure fue creado en julio de 1993 por Williams Electronics, uno de los fabricantes de pinballs más importantes del mundo, sus primeras máquinas aparecieron en 1947.

El diseño espectacular, las video animaciones de las mejores en pantalla de Matriz de puntos, la adaptación del tema al juego más que excelente: perfecta, la jugabilidad altísima y un sonido que rompe todos los esquemas en música en máquinas de este tipo.

Jurassic Park is a pinball machine produced by Data East Pinball. It is based on the motion picture of the same name.

There are eleven Computer Screens, which are collected from the Control Room when it is lit or flashing. The Control Room is lit at the beginning of each ball. It is indefinitely relit by shooting the Power Shed. It is lit for approximately five seconds by either Inlane. After you have completed System Failure, the Inlanes will no longer light the Control Room, making it more difficult to get a second System Failure.

The first game ever to combine the best of pinball's past with the technology of the future. By merging fast and furious playfield action with eye-popping computer graphics, Revenge from Mars is the next evolution of pinball.

What players have always loved about pinball is still the foundation for Pinball 2000: the physical sensation of launching that silver ball and controlling its flight through the use of the flippers.

Classic widebody Bally pinball featuring Sylvester Stallone. Many many ramp shots, interesting features and multiball modes. Fully themed.

Demolition Man is the Williams pin to immediately follow Star Trek:TNG... and it is a widebody game. It is a five ball game, and has lots of stuff on the playfield. It has as many gizmos as Judge Dredd but has a much better design. In many ways, it's what Judge Dredd could have and should have been.

Theatre of Magic is a pinball machine produced by Midway (under the Bally brand name). When you launch the ball, there is a hat on the screen that has various goodies coming out of it. Launch when it is on the one that tickles your particualr fancy.

There are only three choices per launch, and I believe the 2x combos appears only if Illusion is already lit. Once the choice is made, you activate it by hitting the trunk. You may get two tries at it of you're fast. Also, you only get one Skill Shot per ball. After a ball is locked or vanished, hit the Captured Ball to Advance Clock.

Jack Bot is a pinball machine created by Williams in 1995. Jack Bot mixes pinball with gambling and results with a well designed pinball machine. Jack Bot's basic design makes it easy and fun to play for all.

Jack-Bot was the third in a series of games featuring "bots" in pinball, and of course used the Pin-Bot babe yet again. The game features a jackpot robot (the Jack-Bot), and a jackpot-style playfield. 

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